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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Soft Bums!

Cloth diapering is amazing! (I was originally against it. My wonderful grandparents offered to pay for a diaper service and I declined. now, I never want to go back to disposables. EVER!) It’s good for baby, the environment and your wallet. There are so many different brands of cloth diapers, so many different kinds (All in Ones, pre-folds, etc.). 

I know I said I loved Mabu Baby™, and I still do. For cloth diapering that is accessible to everyone, Mabu™ is the way to go. However, if you want more bang for your buck, a more absorbent diaper? Then you need some Soft Bums!

I love the Omni shell (outer part of the diaper). They are so flippin’ cute! It’s white with giraffes all over it. Kind of makes you want to go on a safari, doesn’t it?
softbums diaper
However, I love Soft Bums! When they say “high performance” they truly mean it! I was having a problem with cloth diapering at night. Every night, Tater would wake up, pajamas soaked. 
Now that I use my Soft Bums Omni Shell and Regular Dry Touch Pod™ and Mini Pod™ together at night, no problems!

I love the Omni shell (outer part of the diaper). The print is giraffes! They are so flippin’ cute! 
What makes Soft Bums unique is their Slide2Size feature around the legs. It makes sizing around baby’s legs so easy. This is so important in preventing leaks. 

I love Soft Bums so much! (I wish they would have sent me a few more diapers… I guess I’ll have to buy some).

Truthfully, this is the softest, cutest and most absorbent diaper/insert system I own. While they are definitely more expensive than Mabu™, I believe in paying for quality. Believe me, they are worth the investment. 

If your interested in purchasing Soft Bums, just want to check them out or scoping an awesome baby shower gift, please check out their website: www.softbums.com!   
***Also, look for a giveaway in January 2012!***
Happy New Year! Modern Mommy