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Thursday, May 15, 2014

HomeRight SteamMachine Plus

*Disclosure: I received a product(s) in exchange for a post about the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love to clean! I am absolutely obsessed with it! I especially love to use my HomeRight SteamMachines! (Thats right, there is now more than one product in the SteamMachine line up)!

I really like my SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Power Steamer. I use it for so much! Steaming my bathroom, kitchen, window sills, shelves, cabinets....

I think I may have even killed my microwave using it (We'll reserve judgement, as a jar of Nutella is also suspect. I cannot prove it was the steamer that ended the microwave's life. It is just a suspicion, no need to put it on trial yet).

You can even use the Power Steamer it for steaming wallpaper off of walls (which is much easier than scraping it off by hand) or steaming clothes! It is a very versatile and useful tool!

SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Power Steamer
But, I think that the new HomeRight SteamMachine Plus is, by far, my FAVORITE! It is amazing for doing floors, which, with a four month old puppy and kids, I clean way more often than window sills or steaming clothes.

HomeRight Steam Machine Plus

It comes with all sorts of  unique attachments, such as grill cleaning attachments and one that allows you to clean carpets! You can use it on linoleum, vinyl (both of which I have in my home), as well as hard wood and tile floors.

It heats up quicker than the Power Steamer, in only 40 seconds as opposed to 8 minutes (of course, it also has a much smaller water tank). However, I have used both for around 4 hours at a time and have not run out of steam (pun intended).

I love that it disconnects from it's base, if you decide that you need to steam something other than the floor.

I like that it also has a place for the cord to wrap up, the water tank detaches). This thing is amazing at getting to the messes and stains on the floor! The various attachments make it easy to switch to all sorts of tasks, all without using chemicals to clean!

I love that it kills all sorts of germs, from e-coli to Staphylococcus. It gets to 205°F!

The price is really reasonable, for a steamer, it retails for $124.99.

It's a sweet, germ killin', lean cleaning machine!

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